Thursday, May 20, 2010

"Welcome to India Nice to Meet You"

May-1st : Morning 5 o'clock... My flight was ready on the Mumbai Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport... I was feeling relaxed after a comfortable flight in the Korean Air, Airbus A330-300 aircraft, from Seoul to Mumbai. My mind was filled with happiness of home coming.. after a stay of six months in South Korea.. where they have squeezed every thing inside me for their company, denying every traces of humanity, hammering on the self-esteem... but of course they have provided me very good salary, good food, good shelter to live, left alone hardly any time to sleep!!... After all Koreans are nice people if you don't care the "workaholism" which is innate with 99% of Koreans. If you come across any problem in Korea, I am damn sure, it is because of their workaholic nature.

Even though inside the Air-India flight, which I caught from Mumbai to Trivandrum, I couldn't find any beautiful girls as air-hostess and only some aunties cladded in saris, I was feeling happy, because the people around me are speaking Malayalam and nobody is staring at me because of my different ethnicity. Inside the flight I was thinking about the scandal on Mr. Sasi Tharur
describing this so called "air plane" as "cattle class"... If you ask any one who has flown with me on the particular day in the particular flight, you will get even worse comments. After all of us have boarded inside the flight it took 2 hrs to take off. And there was no A.C inside the plane during that time.. Everybody transformed booklet of Air-India found inside their seat pocket as a hand-fan.. "Just In Time Management", invented by Japanese, applied by Indians... I was already feeling like sitting on the hearth because of the sudden change in temperature from 10 degrees in Korea to 42 degrees in Mumbai. And because of this incident I was nearly exhausted. I could see some people fighting each other inside the plane.. After some time we came to know the reason, which was very simple - The booking clerk has provided the boarding pass for four or five people with the same seat number. What the ffff.... I didn't realize its a welcome warning for me....

To be continued.....


  1. If you come across any problem in Korea, I am damn sure, it is because of their workaholic nature.

    Rajath, you sail it very ironically. All the best,